El Patio

Having lunch in a oasis of the Gothic Quarter

Orange Trees Courtyard of the Mercer Hotel Barcelona

Lunch menu by el Patio orange trees courtyard

Following the urban architecture traditionally conceived around central courtyards, the Mercer Barcelona preserves the original building courtyard and the majestic pillar of the 16th century -symbol of its past-. At the same time, the patio incorporates modern elements such as the large glazed window that surrounds it . The orange blossom aroma and the minimalist furniture emphasize a space that invites you to enjoy an intimate and relaxed lunch in the open air.

It's in this beautiful environment where chef Xavier Lahuerta proposes a lunch menu with local fresh ingredients, balanced and Mediterranean.

Likewise, the orange trees courtyard is a unique setting for small private events surrounded by ancient Barcino history. The Mercer Barcelona team will help you make the most of your celebration for you to enjoy an exclusive experience.

Chef Xavier Lahuerta by the Orange Trees Patio of the Mercer Hotel Barcelona

Calle dels Lledó, 7. Barcelona
Tel. +34 933 107 480
Email: restaurante@mercerbarcelona.com


Lunch Menu
Wednesday to Saturday, from 1pm to 3.30pm.

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A balanced menu in a dream setting